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10 Tops to Wear at Work

24 August 2023

Are you looking to create a professional and stylish workwear wardrobe? Whatever your job may be, whether you work in an office environment, a classroom or out in the community, here, we'll be introducing you to the most versatile and comfortable tops that are perfect for work.

A core collection of tops is key when building a functional workwear wardrobe. You can mix and match all of the styles discussed here with various bottoms and accessories to create a wide range of stylish and appropriate outfits for your specific job role.

3/4 Sleeve Leaf Print Button Through Shirt

Classic Button-Up Shirt

The classic shirt is a timeless staple that works particularly well in formal office settings or as part of your go-to job interview attire. Opt for neutral colours such as cream, black, or soft pastels for maximum versatility.

Linen Look Blazer


While technically not a top, a well-fitted blazer teamed with a cami instantly elevates any outfit and exudes professionalism. Choose a neutral colour like navy or grey for ultimate pairing options.

3/4 Balloon Sleeve Animal Print Blouse with Keyhole Detail

Printed Blouse

Inject some personality into your outfit with a printed blouse. Choose subtle patterns or sophisticated designs that still maintain a professional look.

Short Sleeve Large Floral Print Satin Shell Top

Silk or Satin Blouse

A luxurious and elegant option for more formal occasions or client meetings. The smooth, silky texture adds a polished vibe to your overall look.

Sleeveless Linen Striped Shirt

Sleeveless Blouse

Perfect for warmer weather or for layering under blazer jackets or cardigans. Choose well-tailored options to maintain a professional appearance.

3/4 Sleeve Spaced Floral Design Tunic

V Neck Tops

V Neck tops can be dressed up or down depending on your workplace. They come in various sleeve lengths and make for a comfortable, yet professional office look.

Short Sleeve Open Knit Jumper

Lightweight knit

Ideal for layering with a blazer and perfect for colder days or chilly office environments, a lightweight knit sweater adds comfort and warmth to your work attire.

Short Sleeve Paisley Print Kaftan Top with Drawstring Waist

Wrap or drawstring waist Top

A flattering and versatile option that works for a variety of body shapes and sizes. The drawstring detail adds a touch of femininity and style to your workwear wardrobe

Longline Batwing Top with Eyelet Stud Neckline
Navy Short Sleeve Square Dot Print Scoop Neck Top

Batwing Top

Choose a lightweight fabric that creates a loose and flowing effect which can draw attention from your midsection. This style is suitable for a wide range of professional settings, so team yours with a classic skirt or trouser depending on the event.

Striped or Polka Dot Top

A fun and playful addition to your work wardrobe, these patterns can be paired with neutral bottoms to really let your top do the talking. This style can also be easily dressed up or down depending on your work environment.

The Best Colours to Wear to Work

Now that we've discussed some of the best styles of tops let's look at your workwear colour palette. Did you know the colours you wear can convey different messages? Navy blue is thought to be one of the most authoritative and trustworthy colours to wear, while grey is thought to be more analytical and serious. It goes without saying that the best workwear top colours depend on various factors, including your personal style, job industry, and individual preferences. However, some classic and versatile colours that generally work well in professional settings include...

White: A timeless and crisp colour that exudes professionalism and pairs well with almost any outfit.

Black: A sophisticated and elegant choice that can be easily dressed up or down for different work occasions.

Navy Blue: A more subtle alternative to black, navy blue adds a touch of depth and versatility to your work wardrobe.

Soft Pastels: Light shades of pink, blue, mint green, and lavender can add a feminine and polished touch to your work attire.

Burgundy/Maroon: A rich and refined colour that adds a pop of sophistication to your outfit without being too bold

Olive Green: A trendy and modern option that works well in creative industries or business-casual environments.

Ivory/Cream: A warmer alternative to white that can bring a softer, more approachable look to your work outfits.

Charcoal: A dark, charcoal grey colour that adds depth and seriousness to your overall appearance.

Light Beige/Taupe: A light neutral that pairs well with various colours and complements all skin tones.

Styling outfits for work need not be daunting with Bonmarché! You can find tops that feel comfortable and look stylish, all without breaking the bank. Explore our collection and discover tops for work that will help elevate your current workwear wardrobe.