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5 ways to relax!

30 January 2019

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Get organised

When everything is all over the place, and you don’t know where to begin, it can be tempting to ignore it all! Instead, why not have a sort through your wardrobe and focus on keeping those essential pieces that you always seem to want to wear. Another great tip is facing all your coat hangers one way and as you return items to your wardrobe putting them the other way - any that don’t change direction are not being worn. Why not consider donating items that you don’t wear to charity?

Give your kitchen cupboards a deep clean, recycling where possible and give utensils “their own place” so that you can easily find what you need. File important paperwork into folders and drawers, why not invest in a diary to help you stay ahead of what is coming up. Get rid of the clutter and make space for yourself again.

Train your brain

Everything you do changes your brain. Even reading this blog article! Right now, wherever you are, looking at these words is shaping and modifying the connections between neurons inside your head. Also known as neuroplasticity - it is a fundamental process in helping to improve cognitive functions. By simply dedicating 5 minutes a day to “brain train” – you can increase your ability to learn new skills, keep hold of old ones, and form new memories. This in turn will help your mind focus more on new challenges and less on daily stresses. Pick up that crossword puzzle again or open that Sudoku book and try your hand at a bit of problem solving!

5 ways to relax!
5 ways to relax!

Write it all out

Shopping to buy, people to visit, important things/dates to remember – before you know it your mind is in overdrive. Try writing your thoughts down or making lists to try and help you prioritise. If you are struggling to sleep or settle down, writing everything out in front of you can help you visualize the essentials and leave everything else.

Laugh a little

Laughter is known to be the best medicine for a stressful day! Albeit one of the “sillier ways” to relax, laughing a little more for a little longer can quickly transform how you feel – with scientific research as proof. When you laugh, your brain gives off endorphins, naturally-occurring chemicals that make you feel good. This makes it easier to manage stress and deal with difficult days. Why not watch a light-hearted comedy or get settled into an entertaining read?

Book some time out

If you feel like there are never enough hours in the day and you are running on empty – it might be an ideal moment to try and book some time out. Seeking to find balance and calm can be an ongoing struggle, but when we make time to relax, overall tranquillity appears! Turn off all technology, light those candles and run a nice hot bubble bath. Or why not go for a nice long walk in the fresh air and clear your thoughts? Whichever way you like to relax, time on your own away from the day to day pressures is sure to provide head to toe benefits.