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6 Fitness trends to try in 2020

7 January 2020

As the new year rolls in, the time is here to refresh and revitalize our fitness routine, it’s time for us to get out of our fitness funk! We’ve reviewed some of the biggest fitness trends for 2020 and picked out some of the ones we want to try below!

Walk the Walk

1. Walk the Walk

Walking with your friends and family or joining a walking club is a great way to get your cardio in for the week.

Not only does the time pass quicker while you chat, the low impact means it builds up strength and endurance without putting stress on your joints.

Take the Time to Relax<

2. Take the Time to Relax

Meditation is hugely beneficial for handling negative emotions, stress and anxiety and with tonnes of apps on the market it has never been easier to get started.

Just 5 minutes in the morning can prepare you for the day ahead; or time before bed will allow you to de-stress from the day and make a peaceful night sleep much more achievable.

Stretch it out

3. Stretch it out

Yoga is a wonderful thing; not only does it increase your flexibility, build muscle strength and tone your body it can also increase blood flow, improve your breathing and help you focus.

Joining a beginner’s class will teach you the terms (warrior pose anyone?) and help your body learn the flow; or if it is something you want to try in the comfort of your home there are many apps and videos available that can aid in your learning. Namaste.

Dance like nobody’s watching

4. Dance like nobody’s watching

Dance based fitness is booming, and it is no different for 2020. From ballroom to tap, dancing is a fun way to get fit. Not only will it improve your physical fitness levels, dance also creates a positive happy mindset! Plus, there is always the benefit of shimmying the evening away to your favourite song!

Group training

5. Group training

It’s time to buddy up, group training will be the new norm this year. Whether it is bootcamp or Zumba, exercising in a group much more fun than slogging through the activities alone. You will have an instructor with an endless supply of energy (which will spread to you!) and our favourite part of group training is the support you get from other group members, you’re in it together after all!

Mindful running

6. Mindful running

Rather than focusing on personal bests or how fast or far you can run, mindful running encourages you to focus on your breathing and posture, to be aware of the moment while you are in it. Take in the environment you are running in or the company you with. Turn off your music and embrace the outside. If you achieve all this, you will have a more enjoyable run, and your mind will be in a state of calm for the rest of the day.