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A Guide To: Linen Blend

13 May 2020

Here at Bonmarché we love a wardrobe favourite, and linen is no exception.

It’s effortlessly chic, keeps you cool, and the natural properties of the fabric mean you don’t need to worry about over creasing!

So, why if we love linen so much do we blend it with other fabrics? Find out below!

What is linen blend?

Linen blend exactly what it says on the tin, a blend of linen and an alternative man-made fabric such as viscose or polyester.

What are the benefits of blending linen with other fabrics?

Linen has longer fibres than cotton, which makes is slightly thicker and stronger (meaning better longevity!) but, by blending it with a man-made fabric such as polyester or viscose your fabric will be softer to touch and less creasing.

Will it get softer after washing?

The beauty of linen (and linen blend) is that it gets better after every single wash (no, we’re not kidding!), softer and more supple – the more you wear and wash your linen, the more fabulous it looks. Which brings us on nicely to our next point…

How is the best way to wash linen blend?

Wash your linen-blend garments on low temperatures, preferably in lukewarm or cold water with a mild detergent or you can use the handwash setting on your machine.

How do you un-wrinkle linen-blend?

The beauty of a linen-blend garment is that it reduces the natural wrinkling qualities of linen, which means that you should have less wrinkles appearing in your fabric. However, if your garment is extra crushed, iron while the fabric is still damp, use a medium-hot iron with the steam setting on. Light/white linens on both sides, darks on the reverse.

How do you style it?

Although the ‘lagen-look’ trend calls for layers of linen in varying lengths and shades; we prefer a more crisp, clean look.


For a clean outfit, style your printed linen-blend top with light or white denim – or if you love a head to toe linen look, a white linen trouser.

Finish the outfit with a sandal (heeled or flat!) for a sleek, stylish outfit with that effortless ‘I’ve just thrown this together’ feel!


A printed linen-blend dress is something that every woman should have in her wardrobe. They’re easy to wear and look fabulous whether you’re at a garden party BBQ or holidaying in the tropics!

Choose a shoe to pick out one of the colours on your dress to really make your outfit pop!