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Ask the Expert: Bra Q&A

25 April 2019
Over on our social channels we asked you what you looked for when buying a bra! We also wanted to know what mattered the most to you when choosing lingerie and invited you to “ask our expert” for recommendations. Our in-house garment expert, Sandra answers your questions below…
What type of bra would you recommend that doesn’t show through a T-shirt?
A smooth covered moulded cup would be my choice for a smooth silhouette. Commonly known as a “T-shirt” bra, this style is perfect for wearing seamlessly underneath a T-shirt. Shop our value 2 pack T-Shirt bra style for £18.
When I am looking for a bra, I always look for good support. How can I make sure I choose the most supportive style?
Supportive bras are often made from stronger components with non-stretch lower cups, or non-stretch liners in the lower cups. A good shape to look for is the “A” shape bra where the front strap position is more central to the cup with a high centre front, these are especially good for the larger cup sizes.
How can I stop the straps from slipping when worn? I don’t like wide straps but can’t seem to get the thinner straps to stay on my shoulders, where am I going wrong?
Whilst it may seem that wider straps “stick” better, this is not always true. Depending on if you have narrow or broad shoulders, you may need to choose a style with straps that are positioned more inward, avoiding styles such as balcony bras. This is assuming the bra is a good fit for you. Most of our stores offer a personal bra fitting service for free and I would suggest that a bra fitting in store will assist you to identify the issue. Please ring your local store first to check this service is available.
If a bra is un-padded and non-wired – will it still provide me with support?
Absolutely, a wire is more of a tool to define breast shape than a supportive component.
What style would you recommend for a larger bust, I have been fitted for my correct size, but I am always unsure which style would suit me best! I am a 40dd.
This depends on what style you like, underwired, non-wired etc. I am a 40D and my personal favourite is the underwired lace bra style 159902 which gives a lovely lift and forward projection. A great foundation piece for a more youthful profile. For my more relaxed days I wear the cotton total support style 159922 but I also like the embroidered bra with a cross your heart elastic feature, style 159914. This is a great supportive bra.
I suffer with medical issues meaning that my weight goes up and down a lot. How can I be sure that I am wearing the correct size with my weight loss/gain? How often should you be getting fitted?
I sympathise with you, as a serial dieter I need to change my bra size regularly too. Follow our on-line bra fitting self-assessment guide, which is a step by step guide to check you have the right fitting bra. You can also take advantage of our bra fitting service as many times as you like, there is no limit. We offer this service for free in a lot of our stores, please ring your local store first to check this service is available.
I am 70 years old and find the underwired bra extremely uncomfortable, however the bras that have no underwire tend to ride up, any suggestions?
This sounds like the under band is too loose, the under band is key to a good fit, too loose and it will ride up the body. I suggest you visit one of our stores and request a bra fit, the service is free, and our bra fitters are trained with wonderful personnel skills to make your fitting a pleasant experience. Please ring your local store first to check this service is available.
A nice-looking bra makes me feel confident, but I also look for comfort and support. I am a 38b, what style would you recommend for a smaller bust?
I would suggest you try our lace underwired bra which gives great lift and forward projection. Or you might like the moulded T shirt bra for a smooth silhouette under close fitting tops.
Help! I`m 62 years of age and have yet to find a bra that I can wear for more than a few hours, they are SO uncomfortable!! They always dig in round the band and straps make grooves in my shoulders, even when I’ve been measured for them! Where am I going wrong?
You may have sensitive skin in which case you will need to really examine the components of your bras for softness. Also run your finger along the end of the elastic to check it’s not too harsh for you. Look for bras where the front strap is built up and padded, so that the only part with a true strap is at the back, where the adjuster is.