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How to Keep Your Hair Fresher For Longer

24 March 2017

We’ve all heard the rumours… washing your hair less make it stronger, longer and just generally healthier. But at what cost? Greasy hair isn’t a look any of us are aiming for, so what can be done to achieve that healthy glossy hair without having to face the dreaded ‘in between phase’. Below, we’re exploring the best techniques to keep your hair fresher for longer…

Cut Back

How often do you currently wash your hair? Daily? Every other day? 1-3 days? Hair experts recommend we should be cutting back to just once a week! We know what you might be thinking – ‘I don’t think so!’… But taking small steps to adjust your routine could just be the well-deserved break your hair has been looking for. Gradually increase the amount of time you leave you hair between washes, your hair will begin to adjust and get less greasy each time. Plus, you may begin to notice a positive change to the condition of your hair.

Don't Touch Your Hair

When your hair is at its worst stage during the wash cycle, it can be tempting to continuously touch it to try and sort it out. But really, this is only going to make it worse! No matter how clean your hands are, they will still be holding natural oils that will make your hair feel greasier the more you touch it. The best thing to do is to leave it alone throughout the day.

Tie It Back

If you just can’t resist touching your hair, make the decision in the morning to tie it up and leave it there. Make sure it’s secure with your hair tie being tight enough to hold the hair in place, but not too tight that it will cause your hair to snap or become damaged. There’s no perfect amount of times to twist your hair tie, it’s all down to personal preference and only you will know what’s right for your own hair.

Avoid Conditioning the Roots

The most damaged part of our hair is usually the ends. The ends have been around the longest so they’ve had to endure the most damage, meaning this is the area we should really be taking care of and nurturing to the max. Smother your ends in thickening conditioner, but be sure to avoid touching your scalp. Conditioning the roots will allow your hair to get greasy quicker than usual, as the natural oil from your scalp is more concentrated there.

Dry Shampoo

If you haven’t tried dry shampoo before, it may just change your entire hair care routine! If you’re really trying to hold off washing your hair, spray some dry shampoo into your roots for a quick refresh. No towels and no blow dries are necessary – just a quick spray will bring an instant look of freshness. Our top tip for using dry shampoo is to use it before going to bed, rather than in the morning. This will allow the product time to sink into your hair overnight and absorb any unwanted grease. Also, if you don’t have any dry shampoo in the house, talcum powder works just as well!

Hat Weather

…And if worst comes to worst, there’s no easier way to withhold washing your hair than by simply covering it up with a hat! Whether it’s summer or winter, casual or formal, you can certainly find a stylish head piece to fit the occasion. Never be afraid to accessorise, sometimes the most glamorous outfits come with a hat!