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New Year’s Eve Makeovers with Mark Heyes

1 December 2017

With New Year’s Eve just around the corner, three Bon readers ask Mark Heyes to give them a striking new look so that they could RSVP in style…

Mark Heyes
Mark Heyes
Mark Heyes


“I love to follow fashion, but when it comes to dressing for my shape, I realise I don’t always get it right. I try to minimise my bust and feel like I’ve got a thick waist for my build, so tend not to show it off. The dress Mark has chosen for me today is quite a departure! I was a real tomboy growing up and still stay away from ribbons and bows, but the sash belt on this dress works wonders and gives me such a feminine, hourglass shape. I feel so glamorous. This experience has made me realise I should put my preconceptions aside, keep an open mind and try things before deciding they’re not for me.” - Arrabella

Floral Printed Prom Dress

“I wanted to style Arabella in something she’d feel special in, and this is a real showstopper. The fit-and-flare shape creates a gorgeous silhouette and I love its sophisticated length. Bonmarché designs its prints in-house and you can see the attention to detail in the colour combinations here. When it comes to Christmas party dresses, women often default to the LBD, but colours like this are actually so much more flattering.” - Mark Heyes

ollarless Faux Fur Jacket


“As I’ve got older, I’ve become much more confident in my own skin. While my mantra has always been “less is more”, I now want to experiment with my style. This outfit isn’t a million miles from what I’d choose myself, but it has enough extra touches to push me out of my comfort zone and make it feel special, like the sparkle on the knit and detail on the jeggings. The snuggly faux-fur jacket is my favourite, though; it makes me feel really classy. This Christmas, my daughter will be returning from Australia, so I’m looking forward to lots of family celebrations. This look will be perfect.” - Yvonne

“This is a super-luxe version of the classic jeans and top combination that Yvonne loves. The embellished jeggings really make the best of her slim figure and have a subtle touch of sparkle, so they balance the lurex knit and jacket perfectly. A faux fur is an absolute must for smart-casual dressing – it adds glamour to any outfit as well as keeping you warm, which is a rare combination that should be taken advantage of!” - Mark Heyes


“In my twenties and thirties I was quite an exuberant dresser, but I’ve been divorced for nine years and in that time I’ve become a lot less adventurous. If I’d seen this dress in a shop, I would have bypassed it – I wouldn’t have thought the cobalt blue would suit me. I usually go for more muted colours; I suppose I haven’t wanted to be noticed so much, but this has made me think differently. I felt fabulous as soon as I put the dress on. The pleated skirt makes it lovely to wear; it’s so elegant and comfortable. I belong to socialising groups that hold events over Christmas. In the past I’ve put my name down but not gone. Now I’m determined to come out of my shell more. I think this dress will give me the encouragement I need!” - Beverley

Lace Double Layer Pleated Dress

“Beverley usually dresses casually, so I was determined to get her into something glam. This is such a flattering dress – the extra layer helps to minimise any lumps and bumps, while the pleats draw the eye down and help elongate your shape. Beverley said she wanted to be a glamorous grandma and that’s exactly what she’s become!” - Mark Heyes

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