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Your August Horoscopes

2 August 2017
August Stars

Hang on to your hats and your hormones! August 2017 is an eclipse month, which means anything can happen and probably will.

There are only four eclipses this year; sometimes we get up to seven. For this reason, every eclipse is extra important. They are a real time of change.

Sometimes it’s the change you couldn’t quite bring yourself to make – perhaps leaving a job or a home or even a relationship. Then, finally, eclipse season comes along and everything changes.

Even more appropriately for this month, eclipses can also be times of beginnings. They can launch us into a new world, a new life.

August brings a Full Moon eclipse (on 7 August) and a New Moon eclipse (on 21 August), which happens to be the second New Moon eclipse in the sign of Leo in a row.

This is important to everyone and not just to Leos. You are getting a double chance to start all over again in one part of your life. Don't waste it.


24 Jul to 23 Aug

You are in the middle of one of the most important astrological times you’ve had in years. Seriously. You had the New Moon in your sign last month and this month you get a Full Moon eclipse in your Love Zone, then the New Moon eclipse in your sign. These are huge developments. However, if you just sit there waiting for something to happen, you might be disappointed. The idea is to harness this energy. Get rid of anything in your life that you know no longer serves you. Start something new and exciting.

Power date: 7 and 21 August – the Full Moon and the New Moon respectively.


24 Aug to 23 Sep

A lot of what is going on for Virgos during the tumultuous August eclipse season looks to be taking place behind closed doors, maybe even in your head. If you know how to meditate, it’s one of the most important things you can do for yourself. If you don’t, this is a prime opportunity to learn. It's also time for you to sort your daily routines out. Are you living as healthily as you should? If not, what are you doing about that?

Power date: 13 August – your ruler, Mercury, starts a new retrograde cycle. Buckle up!


24 Sep to 23 Oct

Librans are famous in astrology circles for relating well to others – it’s part of your life’s purpose. This month, with the eclipses hitting your 5th and 11th Houses, you are going to be even more about connecting with others. New friendships can spring up and you may even find that you’re so busy with other people, you have less time for yourself. That’s fine, for now. Just try to keep a reasonable balance between what your friends need and what you need.

Power date: 21 August – it's the New Moon eclipse in your Wishing Zone. Make some wishes!


24 Oct to 22 Nov

This month is all about you finding balance in your life, between ‘that thing you do that everyone knows you for’ (be it work or something else) and the person you are behind closed doors. You need to balance the desire to make a mark on your world with the fact that your family and friends don’t just like you, they actually need you. Spend time with them if you know you’ve been a tad neglectful lately. You won’t regret it.

Power date: 4 August – this could be your lucky day – release any upsets to the heavens.


23 Nov to 21 Dec

For you, everything is leading up to the last week of August. At that time, you can expect your life, mood and the atmosphere around you to change. The lucky planet Jupiter is finally going to connect with and send good vibes to the tedious taskmaster of the zodiac Saturn, who has been trolling his way through your sign for more than two years. Expect to turn a corner and for life to start to lighten up at long last.

Power date:27 August – the day your life will slowly start to change and get easier.


22 Dec to 20 Jan

So, how are you doing financially? If the answer is ‘could be better’ then you’re well placed to benefit from the two eclipses lighting your Money Zones in your horoscope. Don’t think about your financial problems; think about how you can solve them. Talk to people with good ideas about your next step, make it a priority to pay as many debts as you can and look for new ways to spin cash. You don’t get chances like this very often.

Power date: 14 August – a great night for romance or socialising with friends.


21 Jan to 19 Feb

This is such an important time for you. August brings two eclipses – one in your sign and one in your Love Zone. The former is the Full Moon eclipse. That means it’s the moment to turn the corner on something – possibly an emotional corner, as some Aquarians have been through tough times lately. This eclipse will help you to move on. The latter New Moon eclipse suggests that you can start all over again with someone you love.

Power date: 21 August – you should feel extra-energised today.


20 Feb to 20 Mar

A lot of your attention lately has been on your daily life and how to manage all that you need to do. Some of you may well be feeling rather overwhelmed with duties and responsibilities that you need to attend to, while yet more pressure is heaped upon your shoulders. This cycle isn’t over yet, which is why it's important that you listen up. The Full Moon eclipse on 7 August reminds you that you do need light and shade: time when you’re doing all you have to do, and time when you withdraw from the world and regroup. It’s crucial.

Power date: 27 August – the hard work you’ve put in could finally pay off.


21 Mar to 20 Apr

Aries are often accused of being selfish – after all, your sign is the ‘baby’ of the zodiac. However, you actually need to be a tad more self-centred right now, according to your chart. Perhaps your needs are not being met? Take centre stage in your own life. Have more fun. Do what you love more. For some, it’s about letting go of someone or something you know you have outgrown. As the two eclipses light up your chart this month, it’s the right time to move on.

Power date: 20 August – this could be your lucky day, or just a really fun day…


21 Apr to 21 May

Something is coming to a head for you. If you work, it could be a professional matter. You might see the completion of a project, or you’re about to get recognition for a job well done – perhaps even a prize or financial reward. However, it’s just as likely that what comes up now is to do with your home life. If you want to move, you have just about the most supportive stars you could hope for. Don’t worry if previous plans fell flat. The energies now are effectively redoubling your chances of sorting out any domestic dilemmas.

Power date: 11 August – a day to set aside to daydream about your desires.


22 May to 22 Jun

The cycle you’re in right now is all about the way you think and how that affects the way your life plays out. For the past two years or so, you have been up against it. Saturn has been weighing down hard on you and it might have been tough to stay mentally positive. That cycle doesn’t end until the end of the year, but you should have broken its back, so to speak. August’s New and Full Moon eclipses are reminding you to consider the way you’re thinking carefully. Be positive. See the big picture. Focus on solutions.

Power date:9 August – a very good day to have an important conversation.


23 Jun to 23 Jul

How are your finances doing? If you’re secretly hoping that the universe is going to send you a lot more money, you could be on to something. There are two eclipses this month that straddle your two Money Zones, so changes related to cash seem almost inevitable. Good or bad depends a lot on what you expect and what you think you’re worth. The more you think you deserve, the more you will attract good things and abundance. If you know that you need to fix your finances, this is the time to do it.

Power date: 4 August – this day could be great, but don’t go over the top.

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