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Your December Horoscopes

5 December 2017
Your Horoscopes

The year is set to end on a positive note, with December promising to be an uplifting and inspiring month for almost all of us.

If you’d like to take advantage of this, make a list of everything you're letting go of in 2017 and what you want to attract in 2018. The coming year will be all about planning, and if you come to any situation with a plan – be it a job, a relationship or an adventure – you have a much better chance of success.

Saturn is also changing signs for the first time since 2014, moving from Sagittarius into Capricorn. As it’s the planet of lessons and hard work, this will be significant for us all in different ways.


23 Nov to 21 Dec

This is a big month for you, as the heavy-duty planet Saturn finally leaves your sign after a two-year stay. You might not notice the changes straightaway, but in a few months you’re going to feel so much lighter, you’ll hardly recognise yourself. If you’re thinking of retiring now, you're doing it at the ideal time. Once Saturn is gone, the next thing will be to get organised financially. That's your challenge throughout 2018.

Power date: 20 December – the day Saturn finally leaves your sign and things lighten up


22 Dec to 20 Jan

If you’ve read about Saturn and its influence, you could be forgiven for thinking that having it in your sign (as you do from 20 December until 2020) isn't a good thing. But it is! Saturn is an amazing planet that can help you to make your dreams real – and you’re never too old to do that. Think about what you still want to manifest in your life. What dreams have you yet to fulfil? Set about making it happen.

Power date: 20 December – as Saturn moves into your sign, take up a new sport!


21 Jan to 19 Feb

As Saturn moves into your Fear Zone on 20 December, the message to work through your fears will be clear – and it will continue for the next two years. Some of us carry around limiting ideas, which hold us back forever. However, this is the time to wipe out doubts that are stopping you from fulfilling your potential. There is still time. 2018 is going to be a massive year for you, with eclipses all over your chart, so set some goals now

Power date: 15 December – your confidence should be high


20 Feb to 20 Mar

As Saturn moves into your 11th House of Friendship, it's time for you to ask yourself who you want in your life. That might sound harsh, but Saturn isn't exactly an easy planet to deal with. You can expect to learn lots of important lessons from your friends in the coming few years. However, there are also going to be some lessons that will make you doubt whether you want to maintain certain friendships, so be discerning.

Power date: 2 December – this should be an uplifting and enlightening day for you


21 Mar to 20 Apr

If you're still working, then it's now or never for your career. If you're thinking of retiring or have already, then it’s a great time to take up some adult education – perhaps exploring a long-time interest. Saturn, the planet of lessons, is moving into your 10th House, which is where you make your mark. Whatever you do now, do it well and Saturn will make life more stable and secure for you in the coming two years.

Power date:21 December – mind you don't bruise someone's ego


21 Apr to 21 May

Think back over your life. What have you achieved so far? What do you still want to learn, and what can you teach others? We all have something to share, even if it’s just passing on knowledge to our children or grandchildren. Saturn's move into Capricorn is particularly good for you, since Capricorn is a fellow earth sign and supports you. Use the next two years to keep building whatever it is that you want to achieve.

Power date: 20 December – could be a day when things turn around in your favour


22 May to 22 Jun

You can expect life to feel different this month, as you’ve finally reached the end of a very long and gruelling cycle. People may have been draining you and making demands, but hopefully you can feel content that you’ve done as well as you can. Geminis are criticised at times for being too superficial, but many of you have done a lot for others these past few years. You can now expect some good karma coming your way, as Saturn finally departs your Love Zone/opposite sign.

Power date: 14 December – a lovely night for love or for being with beloved friends


23 Jun to 23 Jul

This is the start of a really intense new cycle for you. You now have Saturn in your Love Zone, which is where it will stay for the next two years. You should brace yourself for some tough times and demands on you from people you care about. But on the flip side, you could find that after years of working hard on a special relationship or friendship, you finally feel like you’ve found a solid foundation.

Power date:24 December – a good night for you; spend it with loved ones


24 Jul to 23 Aug

As the new Saturn cycle begins, a diary will be your best friend. Be it online or paper, you need to keep track of what you're doing over the coming two years – where you're going and what you’ve committed to. 2018 is going to be a big year for you – there are eclipses in your sign and your Love Zone. And if you’re moving into the eye of the eclipse storm, you need to keep organised!

Power date: 28 December – all should be well with your world


24 Aug to 23 Sep

Your challenge now, should you choose to accept it, is to stop worrying and start thinking about how important it is to give yourself a break from duties and dramas. Other people may constantly need your attention, but it’s important to think about yourself as well. It's too easy for Virgos to forget how crucial it is to take time out to do something you love. Make dates for romance, to spend with your family and to work on creative projects.

Power date: 29 December – this should feel like a day of destiny for you


24 Sep to 23 Oct

As stable planet Saturn moves into your Home Zone, you could find that ups and downs you’ve been having at home or with family will start to ease up. If there have been questions about where to live or who to live with, answers should come soon enough. ‘Settling down’ may be possible – we all know how much Librans need a stable home base! There could be lots of lessons coming to you about, or even via, your kids (or grandkids).

Power date: 25 December – an interesting Christmas Day for you, Librans


24 Oct to 22 Nov

As Saturn moves through your Mind Zone, your challenge now – and over the next two years – is to focus on the positive. That doesn't mean you have to think happy thoughts all the time, even when life isn’t good. It means focus on solutions. Saturn is the great teacher of the zodiac, and with it in your Mind Zone, you can train your brain to think in ways that will change your life for the better.

Power date: 27 December – looks uplifting and a time for contemplation

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