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Your November Horoscopes

9 November 2017
Your November Horoscopes

This month brings a harmonious link between two big, important planets, Saturn and Uranus, and as we approach the end of the year, now’s a good time to sit back and reflect on the decisions and efforts you’ve made. Perhaps you haven’t yet managed to achieve all of your 2017 resolutions. Well, this

month, wherever you’ve been making real effort is where you should start to get results, finally.

There is also some notable action from Venus – the planet of love and abundance – this month and when Venus is happy, we should be happier, too! The following are the best days to make the most of this – plan a date night or do some negotiating:

  • • 2 November – great day to make a deal or a promise
  • • 3 November – excitement is in the air for romance and riches, and it’s a good time for friendships
  • • 12 November – awesome date night and a great day for people to be generous with each other
  • • 16 November – perfect day for anything spiritual, such as mediation, yoga, or prayer
  • • 20 November – a night of passion, also good for making financial deals
  • • 26 November – a great day for emotional or physical healing or making up with someone


24 Oct to 22 Nov

If you’ve been working to change your financial situation, you could see results this month. Remember, whether you're at the start, pinnacle or end of your career, there are always ways to boost your income on the side, if you desire. Your finances should actually be starting to feel more stable. If you have fears around money, this is a great month to work on them. Ask yourself where these fears came from and see if you can turn them into a more constructive plan.

Power date: 12 November – a particularly promising day for romance and riches for you


23 Nov to 21 Dec

The Full Moon this month is in your Love Zone. So if one relationship is ending now, try to be as Zen as you can be with it. Some friendships can be life-changing, but for whatever reason, they’re not meant to be with us for our entire lives. It can be hard to say goodbye to people we love, but try to understand that everyone is working with their own life purpose and forgive anyone who has hurt you, whether recently or years ago. Doing this will create a massive positive change in your life.

Power date: 12 November – it's time for you to start to regain full energy!


22 Dec to 20 Jan

If you know you’ve been badly behaved, now’s the right time to admit it. You still have a good chance for people to forgive you for whatever has happened. In particular, if there have been ups and downs on the home and family front, this is the time to do what you can to build bridges. If you can't let it go, you could end up paying the price. Be the responsible grown-up in chaotic situations. Changes are coming and they should make you happy.

Power date: 20 November – you should feel more loved-up


21 Jan to 19 Feb

A struggling friendship may be about to turn around as you’re at the end of a long and gruelling cycle connected to your friends. You might have shed some tears over the past few years as Saturn has trolled his way through your 11th House of Friends. Maybe you were too hard on someone? In any case, a reconciliation isn't out of the question now. Or perhaps you’ve learned to be more discerning about who you allow to get closer to you? In which case, good on you and keep it up.

Power date: 25 November – you have the gift of the gab today, so make sure to use it


20 Feb to 20 Mar

Want some good news? Your hard work over the past few years could lead to a positive change in your cash situation this month. Believe that it can happen and you’re halfway there, thanks to a Saturn/Uranus connection triggering your Money Box. It suggests very clearly that – even if you don’t work – your efforts could bring some kind of change to your financial circumstances. Expect the best. Remember money is energy and flows to those who truly think they deserve it.

Power date: 12 November – this could be your lucky day for love or money or both


21 Mar to 20 Apr

This should be a great month for you as you start to see how all the hard work you’ve put into yourself over the past year is finally starting to pay dividends. You're at a stage in life where everything can change. No matter your age as you read this, you can always evolve. You have the planet of radical change, Uranus, in your sign, meaning your life can still undergo a revolution. Where is change needed? Don’t let the past hold you back. You owe it to yourself to keep moving forwards.

Power date: 10 November – envisage a new future and make notes


21 Apr to 21 May

A shake-up may sound like a bad thing, but it can actually be positive. If there’s a secret you're keeping – or you suspect someone else is keeping – then maybe it will be best for everyone if the truth comes out? Financially, if you’ve been working hard to boost your income in some way, you could find your travails now start to pay off. It also looks good for love, be that with your partner, family or simply with your beloved friends – love comes in all shapes and sizes, after all.

Power date: 20 November – you have the power of persuasion and seduction today


22 May to 22 Jun

Both you and Sagittarius are to be extra blessed by the Full Moon in Gemini this month. There is a sense that something in one of your most important relationships is finally shifting. Even if you and someone who matters to you have been at odds with each other, that can change now. It's fair to say that relationships have been rather challenging for many Geminis these past two years, but you’re so close to the end of this cycle. You’re older and wiser, so apply what you have learned and turn a corner this month.

Power date: 17 November – a great day to chase a dream


23 Jun to 23 Jul

It's all about your daily routines this month. What do you do to start your day? Some stretching? Eat a healthy breakfast? Pop a probiotic? Experts say the way we start our day is the way we continue it. However, we all know how easy it is to get up and start scrolling on our phones while downing a coffee. See if there’s anything productive you could introduce into your morning routines that will do you good. You could be amazed at the changes this makes to the rest of your life.

Power date: 21 November – good for love and money


24 Jul to 23 Aug

Change is afoot for any Leos who have been feeling like someone – or something – has put the brakes on their fun. Whatever has been standing in the way of you and a good time looks like getting out of your way this month. Decide what fun means to you and make time for it. If you're keen to go away on a trip, now is a great time, even if you just make the booking. It’s also a great opportunity to enrol if you want to do some study next year.

Power date: 9 November – an especially powerful day when things should go your way


24 Aug to 23 Sep

The scene is set for change this month, and for you it will be related to one or more of the following: home, family, your finances and/or your sex life. Decide what you want in those parts of your life, set your intentions and then do what it'll take to make it happen. But before you do that, you’ll need to heal any upsets you have around those areas. Life really is what you make it, so start expecting the best.

Power date: 25 November – a day when you can turn things around in your favour


24 Sep to 23 Oct

The best thing you can have is a quiet confidence in yourself, as you probably know. The past few years have hopefully shown how much better life is when you believe in yourself. If you still have too many self-doubts, this is the month to work on them. Where did they come from? Can you forgive yourself or anyone else involved? In your closest relationships, there is positive change forecast. This applies especially to any relationship which you've been working extra hard on lately.

Power date: 3 November – stability is underrated, but today should feel quite steady

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