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Your October Horoscopes

2 October 2018
Your Horoscopes

Every eighteen months, the planet of romance and riches, Venus, goes into a retrograde cycle. This six-week period offers us a chance to re-evaluate anything and everything in our lives. On the one hand, it can be a tough time, because it can have the effect of making us feel somehow more detached from the people we are usually closest to. On the other, it gives us the chance to really think about what matters to us and prioritise that. Your stars this month explain how Venus’s retrograde is affecting you.


23 Sep to 22 Oct

Venus is going backwards in your Second House, which is all about cash, property and possessions. For those who are a little stretched financially, this period is all about you weighing up what is and isn't worth it to you, and what you want to do where your money is concerned. For others, it's about working out what you do and don't want to spend on something. For others still, this cycle brings a very welcome thing – money you're owed that has been a while coming.

Power date: 30th October – if you want something to change, act today


23 Oct to 21 Nov

The planet of love and abundance, Venus, is going backwards in your sign, which is a mixed blessing. It suggests you now have some things to weigh up and consider related to love and money. If there's something you're doing just for the cash, it’s now you might decide that you don't want to live life like that anymore. For others, this is a time when a lost love will come back into view for further consideration.

Power date: 10th October – Mercury moves into Scorpio and you get the gift of the gab


22 Nov to 21 Dec

It’s time to listen to the deepest and darkest part of your psyche, as the planet of love retrogrades in your Twelfth House. Having Venus going backwards here is all about you and the things you're afraid of – consciously or subconsciously – concerning love and money. If you find that fears around either of these two subjects are coming up, deal with them slowly, calmly and confidently. You are being given extra time to think about how fear doesn't help anything. For others, you're once again being asked to help someone out with no reward in sight.

Power date: 29th October – a day to say what's on your mind.


22 Dec to 19 Jan

Venus is going backwards in your Eleventh House of friends and wishes. This is a good thing if you're trying to work things out with a friend. Venus is about love and in your Eleventh House, she's very well placed to help you get back on a good basis with someone you've fallen out with. She can also be a prod from the universe that reminds you to weigh up what you are and aren't getting out of your friendships – if you feel you're getting a raw deal, this is the time to decide what to do.

Power date: 11th October – if you want to talk someone into something, talk today


20 Jan to 18 Feb

Venus retrograding in your Tenth House of career is essentially very good and helpful, even though it might not feel 100% like that at the time. For a start, it's all about giving you a chance to think about your work/life balance. If you know your work is taking up too much of your life, then it's time to redress that. No one ever laid on their death bed and said, ‘I wish I'd spent more time at the office!’ If you're owed money from a work contact, that could be heading your way any time soon.

Power date: 29th October – potentially a very good day for love or money


19 Feb to 20 Mar

Travel, study and self-improvement are on the cards this month, as Venus goes backwards in your Ninth House. If you're about to go away somewhere that will take you back to someone or somewhere you once loved, you're on the right cosmic track. If you're weighing up a travel or study plan and wondering how much of yourself you want to give or how much you want to spend, then keep wondering – the answers should come by the end of this cycle. And if you're reconsidering your whole life and getting your priorities straight, lucky you. Clarity will arrive soon.

Power date: 29th October – schedule a tricky conversation for this morning


21 Mar to 19 Apr

Venus is going backwards in your Eighth House of money, which is a good thing – even if it doesn't feel like it yet. You're being asked to have another think about your finances and where you're going right and wrong with them. If money is slow in coming right now, don't panic. Use this period to work on your thoughts about cash – the more you feel like you're going to be rich, the more likely it will happen. Of course, that doesn't mean by magic; it means your hard work is more likely to be rewarded.

Power date: 19th October – don't lose your cool or say too much


20 Apr to 20 May

You have a second chance at love coming your way as Venus retrogrades in your Seventh House this year. If you still hold a torch for an old flame, this could be the time for you to find each other. If there's no such thing going on in your life, you are still likely to feel this transit. All your personal relationships are getting a second chance, and if you're attached happily or even not so happily, this Venus double dip could be just what the celestial doctor ordered to sweeten things up a bit.

Power date: 24th October – you should start to feel steadier and more secure


21 May to 20 Jun

Your daily work and health routines come into focus this month, as Venus retrogrades in your Sixth House. This is good news for you if you've been trying to get on track with these, especially if one of the reasons you need to do this is something superficial – that you just want to look better. We are all allowed a little vanity. So, use this cycle now if you've fallen off the wagon and haven't been keeping up with your regimes. Venus here also suggests you can do your health some good with some self-pampering. Massage or facial, anyone?

Power date: 22nd October – your words have extra power today – use them wisely


21 Jun to 22 Jul

Venus is retrograding in your Fifth House of fun. This is a pretty good sign from the heavens that you've been working too hard or taking life too seriously and you need to do something about that. This part of your chart is all about romance, creativity and kids, and Venus's extended stay suggests that you need a bit of time to invest more love and energy into one, or even all three, of these parts of your life. Take a tip from the cosmos and do just that.

Power date: 22nd October – a good day to make up with someone who matters to you


23 Jul to 22 Aug

Home life and all things domestic come to the fore this month as Venus goes backwards in your Fourth House. This suggests on a very mundane level that now is a marvellous time to do some spring cleaning, redecorating or even home renovating. Venus in this part of your chart is all about beauty in your home environment, and the reverse cycle is giving you extra time to have a think about how you want to do things. It's also a very good time to reconnect with family members, especially, but not only, if there has been a falling out.

Power date: 23rd October – a day when everything could change; go with the flow


23 Aug to 22 Sep

As Venus retrogrades through your Third House of the mind, you could find your thoughts being drawn back inexorably to people and places you've loved in the past. If you start to think fondly of someone you no longer see enough of, this is a good time to get back in touch. For some, it's going to be all about finding the wherewithal to say that thing you know you should have said earlier – having the heart to heart that's been put off by delays and circumstance. Think and then speak.

Power date: 29th October – positive thinking can make magic for you today