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Staying Safe Online

25 March 2020

Locking your doors and windows are perfect for keeping you safe within your home – but when it comes to online it is much harder to visualise just how to protect ourselves. Follow our tips below to keep you safe online.

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Although it is much easier to remember one password – the safest way to keep your information safe online is to use a multitude of passwords.

Try to stay clear of using your birthday, anniversary or any other important dates. We would advise adding a symbol such as “!” or “?”to ensure its extra secure.


Websites either start with http or https – and most of us aren’t aware of the difference. The extra ‘s’ means the website you’re visiting is secure.

For example – our website reads: “” which means its secure to use and all your data is safe.

Top Tip
You may need to click the address to see "https://".


Email accounts are brilliant things, they filter out most things that they pick up as ‘junk’, but some things do slip through the cracks.

Have you ever received an email notifying you that you have won a competition that you didn’t enter, or an email that calls you out by name that you’ve never met? Hit the delete button: if an email comes through that doesn’t seem quite right, go with the ‘better safe than sorry’ mindset and delete.

Computer Viruses

Viruses also known as malware, are programs which spread from one computer to another. This can be from an untrustworthy email attachment or webpage – and can slow your computer down, send out spam emails or delete files.

Online Shopping

Online shopping is convenient, easy and quick – we can do it when we want and where we want, armchair browsing anyone? Trusted methods such as Paypal, Worldpay, Mastercard Secure and others ensure that your card and personal details will be protected.

If you’re still unsure about shopping online, you can use our website to browse the products you love, and then give our Friendly UK Call Centre & Orderline a call on: 0330 026 2728
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