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  • Discount mailings
    Be the first to see our latest collections and find out when they’ll be available in your local store. These mini brochures also include great in-store and online money saving offers.
  • Bonus Days & Online Exclusives
    Enjoy discounts of up to 20% OFF everything in-store and online. We’ll let you know when these regular Bonusdays are on so you can make the most of them.
  • Spend & save cards
    Pick up one of these purse-friendly cards from your nearest store to collect a stamp for every £5 you spend with us in-store. For every Spend & Save card you complete receive £5 off your next in-store purchase. If you purchase online simply bring your delivery note into store to receive your stamps.
  • Double stamp events
    Receive two stamps on your Spend & Save card for every £5 spent in-store during our special Double Stamp events. Looks out for the poster and flyers in store to find out when these rewarding events are on.

How it works

  • 1. Joining is simple. Sign up online by clicking the Bonus Club sign-up box, or at your local store.
  • 2. Apply in-store and take your Bonus club card away with you. When you apply online we will send you your Bonus club card in the post.
  • 3. With every purchase you make in-store, we simply swipe your card.
  • 4. To ensure you receive your benefits when buying online, ensure you login to your account.
  • 5. Look out for your exclusive offers, discounts and promotions, in the post or straight to your inbox.